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Get Involved in Community it’s a Win-Win

Chris and Betsy Hennessy began serving in children’s ministry as Sunday School leaders at Westgate Church, San Jose, CA in 2007. At that time they didn’t realize that getting active in their church community would soon bring them an entire new circle of friends and support that would help save their lives!


“When we decided to get more active in church and meet more folks, Betsy suggested children’s ministry. After the first three months our rotation was over (three months on, three months off) and I was so filled with love and joy for the kids and what we were doing, I told Betsy I didn’t want to take the three months off. I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing our children for three months. It’s more than seven years later and we still never take the three month break!”


“It’s a win-win-win… The church benefits from our help and when parents drop off their beloved kids they are completely fine leaving them in our hands. The entire experience has been just as beneficial and rewarding to us. We feel as though we’re accomplishing something of significance.”


In 2009 Chris was diagnosed with cancer and Hannah was born a micro-preemie, (1 Lb. 9 Oz’s) the Hennessy’s needed every bit of the outpouring of love and support they received from the Westgate community and the parents of the children they so lovingly cared for. Chris and Betsy believe that the consistent prayers and love from the Westgate congregation were crucial to Hannah’s complete and total recovery.


Prostate Cancer and Cancer Community

Prostate Cancer is the #2 killer of men—behind only lung cancer. Approximately 32,000 men die from the disease each year in the USA alone!


Chris cuts through all the jargon and says “GET TESTED when you turn 40.” Early detection could save hundreds of thousands of lives! The initial PSA test is a simple blood draw.


IT’S A PROVEN MEDICAL FACT that laughter and a positive attitude can help boost your immune system up to 20%, which can help heal and even prevent cancer. These natural methods should be a part of the healing plan discussion.


PROMOTE QUALITY COMMUNICATION from those without cancer to those afflicted with cancer. We’re taught to FEAR the word cancer as children. Us cancer patients want and need to discuss our illness and issues just like any other person with misc. issues.


The help Chris received from the Silicon Valley prostate cancer support and informational group has been as crucial as seeing his Drs. at Stanford. They offer different perspectives, they know all the treatments and are completely supportive and immediate friends!


Chris is available to film and speak at your Cancer Organization for little or no cost.


Premature Birth

From our experience with micro-premature birth we believe that ALL pregnant woman should be made aware that pre-mature birth happens frequently. 11% of all pregnancies end prematurely. If all were cognizant of what to know and do should this happen, many babies lives could be saved, and many would have the chance for a long healthy life.