"Chris' video talents added an entertaining and humorous element to our 2015 sales conference. His highlight video left us laughing out loud and excited for 2015!"


-Sujeet Karna - Director, Marketing, LumaSense Technologies


Chris Hennessy

About Chris Hennessy


Ph: (408)267-3012

E-mail: chrishennessyfilms@gmail.com




As a young boy Chris learned how to be a lightning-fast, ad-lib comic and charismatic entertainer by watching his NYPD father. Even though his dad never performed on stage, Chris insists that he was as funny and well spoken as many of the best professional comics of the time. Chris followed his dad’s lead, tweaked and refined his dad’s real-life act and made it HIS OWN real-life and professional act.

From Long Island, NY, Chris was a High School All-American Track & Field Athlete, and Full Scholarship athlete-graduate of Rice University, Houston, Texas. An admitted ad-lib-aholic, Chris also graduated from the San Francisco Improv Comedy College in 2009

All Chris Hennessy planned on doing was filming his two toddlers in 1986 when he picked up a video camera for the first time. But he immediately became addicted to telling powerful stories with it.

Chris quit his job (sales & marketing rep) in 1990, and without even a film or video class under his belt, became a full-time independent filmmaker and video producer.

Today Chris writes, produces, directs, interviews, edits and even hosts many of the films (totaling 1500) that he’s crafted for high-profile companies and organizations.

His recent clients include Google, OfficeMax, eBay, Deloitte, Kaiser, Four Seasons Hotel, KGO Radio-San Francisco, Silver Creek Valley Country Club and The American Cancer Society.

In the late 1990’s Chris’s speaking career began, and he presented several speeches for the WEVA (Wedding & Event Videographers) Conventions in Orlando and Las Vegas. These were the first instances where Chris spoke in front of crowds as large as 2000. He remembers the instant that caused him to realize the power of public speaking. Chris’ made a particular point, than watched 2000 heads turn down to make notes.

Chris’ films have several million Internet views and his upcoming book, Touched by Hannah (about Chris’ simultaneous battle with cancer and daughter Hannah’s micro-premature birth, weighing 1 Lb. 9 Oz’s.) has been featured on NBC TV, KGO-810 San Francisco, etc.
The trailer film Chris produced for Touched By Hannah won an award at the 2015 IndieFest Global Film Competition.

Another upcoming book Chris is working on is titled, “Conquer Your Confidence.” “Ten Steps to a Confident, Successful Personal and Business life!”

Chris’ goal is to inspire, encourage and entertain as many people as possible through his speaking engagements, books and filmmaking.
There’s no written text or even video that compares to seeing and listening to Chris do what he does best… Live Motivational Speaking and Confidence Building!

Chris has recently spoke for LumaSense Technologies, The Silicon Valley Prostate Cancer Support & Informational Group, ADJA Northern CA, Silicon Valley Career Technical Education Center, Prostate World Support Group, Holy Cross Church of Los Gatos