"Chris produced stellar videos we’re using to promote future conferences and trade shows worldwide.  His personable interaction with our attendees really brought our event to life!”


Amy Giannini/ The Embedded Systems Conference

Work With Chris Hennessy

Video Production for Conferences


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Videos Produced to Show at Conference-Meeting

Sales Conference Meeting Kick-Off Comedy Video

Welcome and expectations to show at the sales meeting-Conference

Videos Produced from Conference-Meeting

Conference Highlights Video for Conference-Event conclusion

Promotional video produced from Trade Show & Conference to bolster next years attendance

Promotional video produced from Conference-Summit to bolster next years attendance

Chris Hennessy and his staff will make your event come ALIVE with conference-meeting Videos!


They are idea-driven competent team players who expand upon your visions and bring them to life on video. Their attention-grabbing business videos are guaranteed to deliver results and exceed your expectations!


With just a little added work and effort on your part, they can quickly and cost-effectively film quality and creative video footage at your offices and create videos to feature that bolster your event. Chris and his team consult, write/co-write a basic script, direct and lead the productions. They do all the tedious editing; going through the footage than crafting a first draft video, thus saving you and your staff hours of work. When they’re done editing they dropbox.com the video(s) to you for your review so you can suggest tweaks and approval.


Here are a few examples of films they can produce to present at your Conference-Meeting-Event. (see video examples above) An effective way to break the ice and begin your conference is by creating and presenting a funny 1-2 minute conference opener. Adding humor to a video is second nature for Chris, and such a program will set an upbeat mood for your entire event.


A thoughtful welcome and conference expectations video from company leaders is a great way to get their messages across quickly and effectively. Chris directs this shoot and asks the right questions to lead them into their best performance. In editing, the best short sound bites are used to create your finished product, an approx. two minute video.


Their most popular Conference Video is the Custom Short Story, typically featured at or near the end of the event. Imagine a creative, funny-fast-paced, highly edited entertaining program that includes highlights from your event and Chris’s lightening-fast ad-lib comedy. It’s the perfect way to leave your group… laughing, remembering how fabulous their meeting was and excited about the future!


After the event we can make the video(s) available for you and your group to look back at and get excited all over again! Your videos can be used to promote conference attendance for next year. The videos are also typically used as promotional videos for your website, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Blog and email-blasts to boost your on-line, social media presence.


Find more of Chris Hennessy's video work at Custom Video Connection, San Jose, CA. http://www.cvc-video.com