ďItís an amazing video! Thanks for being so personable and great to work with!"


Mary Burns, American Cancer Society

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1. Hilarious Healing


Hilarious Healing is a short trailer for Chris Hennessy's upcoming true story Docudrama film, Touched by Hannah. Hilarious Healing recently won an Award of Merit at IndieFEST, a global film competition.


This is the log line for Touched by Hannah:

Chris Hennessy battles cancer at the same time his daughter Hannah is born close to death, a micro preemie weighing 1 lb. 9 Ozs. Chris confronts several life threatening experiences by remaining positive and passionate for his film production work, family and friends while relying on his ad-lib sense of humor and life-as-usual approach. He sees his journey as a gift, and it inspired him to produce a film.


Learn more about Touched by Hannah at http://www.touchedbyhannah.com and https://www.facebook.com/touchedbyhannah



Rated X


RATED X is a short Documentary Film (15 minutes) about Internet Porn & Sexual Addiction. Porn is a multi Billion dollar industry thatís causing countless Marriages and Lives to be destroyed. This film shows how accessible the computer has made it to find and view pornography. Porn is the #1 FREE Internet Search and MILLIONS throughout the world have become Internet Porn addicts. Thousands are drawn in and than become addicted to pornography daily. Unsupervised children by the millions have easy accessibility to pornography today through iPads and smart phones!


We interviewed folks on-the-streets of San Jose, CA., a divorced woman who claims that internet porn ruined her marriage, a marriage & family therapist, a marriage & family divorce attorney and a pastor who is an admitted and reformed Internet porn addict. The dramatic interviews are combined with real-life footage from the central porn area of San Francisco, CA. This film has received more than 30,000 internet views.



3. A Day in the Life of A Coffee House


A Day in the Life of A Coffee House is a fun, real-life look at today's coffee house culture; the people and their drug, the hangout-office, the scent and those fabulous tastes!


We filmed at the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company in Los Gatos, CA. The owner opened this business in 1982, and they soon became the most popular meet-up, hang-out spot in town. They roast beans on the premises (they've employed the same roaster since 1984) and their coffee is amongst the best quality available.


Chris Hennessy interviews random customers about their experience with coffee and this coffee house. The owner-founder is interviewed, and the early American coffee houses of the 1800's are explored and discussed. Itís an Interesting insight into this iconic culture thatís become a part every day life for millions of americans with many laughs guaranteed!