Chris Hennessy’s speech was informative, entertaining, really funny and VERY encouraging!”


-Frank Weiss, Facilitator Silicon Valley Prostate Cancer Association

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Each of Chris’s Speaking presentations are custom tailored to the needs of the client and your event. Chris works diligently with you and your team prior to the event, does his homework and arrives prepared to deliver an inspirational, humorous and confidence building speech. Guaranteed!


As a Motivational Speaker Chris gives your audience several simple steps and suggestions that inspire, immediately boost self-confidence and change lives. Here’s an example from his upcoming book and current speaking engagements.


“Conquering Your Confidence”

Ten Distinctive Confidence Building Steps to a Successful Personal and Business life!


Step #1 Recognize what you’ve already accomplished

Self-Confidence is the foundation for everything that’s needed to enjoy a productive, successful personal and business life. Studies suggest Self-Confidence is more important romantically than physical attractiveness. Nothing is more necessary, yet so many of us struggle to find and nurture it.


Through storytelling about his twenty-five years as a speaker, independent filmmaker and video producer as well as his personal experiences battling cancer and the micro-premature birth of his baby Hannah, (weighing 1 Lb. 9 Oz’s) Chris shows your audience the value of recognizing what they’ve already accomplished in order to boost self-confidence NOW! When folks simply grasp what they’ve already achieved it builds character and confidence to realize they can accomplish more than they ever imagined. It’s the classic snowball affect. With every accomplishment we build a deeper foundation of self-confidence and that translates into a better performance in everything we do. With his messages Chris will leave you and your team encouraged, laughing and laser-focused!


For Meeting Planners, Working with Chris Hennessy:

Chris learned to understand the importance of competence and working together as a team through working more than 1500 events. He treats customers and vendors with care and respect and makes the experience the best possible for the client and their event. That’s probably the reason why the majority of Chris’ business is generated through referrals.


Chris Hennessy’s Speaking Introduction at the Event:

Chris Hennessy was an All-American 800 meter runner in High School from Long Island, New York, and a full-scholarship athlete at Rice University, Houston, Texas. Chris graduated Rice in 1980, ….. and than the San Fransisco Comedy College of Improv 2009! Like most artists, Chris battles addiction, ——he’s been a Life-Long ad-lib-aholic!


Chris purchased a camcorder in 1986 to record his two toddlers, immediately became addicted to telling stories with it and In 1990 quit his job as a sales and marketing rep to become an independent video producer and filmmaker….., without even a class under his belt!


Since than Chris has written, produced, directed and hosted more than 1500 professional films. Recent clients Google, Office Max, ebay, Kaiser, Four Seasons Hotel, Zumba, The American Cancer Society and many more. His Sales and promotional videos have more than 4 million internet views.


Chris’s first feature film, a true story Docudrama about his life called “Touched By Hannah,” is currently in Pre-Production and has been featured on NBC News and KGO 810 Radio


TAG LINE: “Chris Hennessy battles cancer and several life-threatening experiences at the same time his daughter Hannah is born close-to-death, a micro-preemie weighing only 1 LB. 9 Oz’s !”


Chris’ exclusive methods to building self-confidence are the topic of his upcoming book, “Conquer Your Confidence:” Chris Hennessy’s Ten Steps to Total Self-Confidence. Chris believes that anyone can learn to develop and nurture a higher level of self-confidence. However, there’s no written text that can compare to seeing and listening to Chris do what he does best… Introducing, Chris Hennessy!


At this point Chris typically features a Custom Produced Video for the event that’s both hilarious and heart-gripping. This is perfect for getting their full attention for Chris’ stories and messages.