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The best filmmakers are excellent story tellers, and the best story tellers (verbally) are also the most highly regarded speakers. When a filmmaker can translate those story telling skills into speaking and communication he can become a great public speaker.


Through telling hundreds of stories professionally via film, hosting dozens of videos and interviewing thousands of folks on camera (including many celebrities) and living through several life-threatening times including cancer and the micro pre-mature birth of his daughter Hannah, Chris has morphed into a highly sought after motivational speaker.


In the early 1990’s Chris’s speaking career began as he presented several speeches for the WEVA (Wedding & Event Videographers) Conventions in Orlando and Las Vegas. These were the first instances where Chris spoke in front of crowds as large as 2000. He remembers the instant in his first appearance at WEVA in 1992 that made him realize the power of public speaking. Chris’ topic was video marketing and when he made a particular point he remembers being blown away at seeing 2000 heads turn down to take notes.


Since than Chris has worked for countless organizations including LumaSense, Google, CD Networks, Electric Cloud, The Silicon Valley Prostate Cancer Educational and Support Group, The Four Seasons Hotel, the American Cancer Society and many more.



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Chris Hennessy speaks at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Los Gatos, CA


Keynote Speaker at LumaSense International Sales Conference 2015


Keynote Speaker at the Silicon Valley Prostate Cancer Support and Educational Group


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Hosting End-of-Conference Gala at Lumasense International Sales Conference 2015


Hosting Cancer event for FYMO


Hosting for Let's Make a Deal, KGO Radio, Google, etc.