“Chris' speaking, hosting and video talents added an enlightening, entertaining, and humorous element to our 2015 sales conference. Chris' opening keynote speech set an encouraging, upbeat and energetic mood to begin the Conference. His hosting of our awards dinner and highlight video left us laughing out loud and excited for 2015!"


-Sujeet Karna , Director of Marketing, LumaSense Technologies


Ph: (408)267-3012

E-mail: chrishennessyfilms@gmail.com




Chris Hennessy is an experienced Motivational Speaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His speaking stories and confidence building messages come from his real-life experiences. Chris has confronted multiple near death experiences since 2009 including several bouts with cancer and the micro-premature birth of his daughter Hannah. (weighing 1 Lb. 9 Oz’s) He insists that these journey’s were a gift and that persevering and getting through difficult times makes us stronger, more confident folks who can perform better than ever! Chris’ story telling and comedy bits reveal simple yet potent messages that inspire, show folks how to laugh, cause laughter, reduce stress and immediately build self-confidence.


Chris Hennessy is also a filmmaker and video producer who has produced more than 1500 professional films. His films have received more than 4 million internet views and recent clients include Google, Office Max, ebay, Kaiser, Four Seasons Hotel, etc.


Chris’ story will be featured in his upcoming film Touched by Hannah. (currently in pre-production) See Touched by Hannah’s Global Award winning trailer film at www.touchedbyhannah.com


Chris’ exclusive messages are also the topic of an upcoming book, “Conquer Your Confidence” "Ten Distinctive Confidence Building Steps to a Successful Personal and Business life!"